2012 Eagles Fan Anthem

by B. Kane

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New Anthem for the Best Fans in the NFL!


What up Eagles Fans, here we go again,
Realest fans in NFL showing them,
we come to take over, Bird Gangs here,
look around opposing fans seem to be in fear...

Let's get it popping, let's turn it up,
our defense got opposing fans burning up,
Eagle green fill the stands time to Fly High,
Everyday all day Eagles till I die.

No more excuses time to get it done,
& if it do turn bad we don't never run,
I'm on twitter talking trash come get some.
Ima call it how I see it I don't hold my tongue,


I don't know bout u, but I ride for my Eagles,
Ihate dallas the most I don't look @ em as people,
I look @ em like they lil cockroaches,
stomping all the fans out, the players down to the coaches.

& Ion like redskin fans either,
beat em down 4 quarters straight no breather,
Grown men w/ a wig n dress,
No respect smash on dc then va's next

Squad deep on the turnpike headed to the meadowlands,
50 year conflict beef never settling,
Get it in, Up NY like Wus up?!
Walk thru time square scream loud giants suck


Eagles Fight Fight Fight wit integrity & poise,
Eagles fans around the world stand up & make noise!!!
Yup, this thing of ours,
bdawk retired an bird & brought back his powers,

Lead us to the promise land where we belong,
got a passion for the Green yea my feelings is strong,
boo a cowboy fan like nothing is wrong,
every week b4
The game turn up this song.

If it aint about them Eagles then it aint about nothing,
no laying down, get up get out & get something,
Last year was shaky, too late b4 we got control,
but this is the season we finally win the Superbowl,



released September 9, 2012
Lyrics by: B. Kane
Produced & Mixed By 4th Assassin
Recorded by Rec Raw



all rights reserved